Author: Marcin

Best and worst-paying degrees

Yahoo had posted recently an interesting article about “best and worst-paying college degrees”. Of course, the numbers given were over a period of one’s entire career, so the big (cough) sums must be divided by 25 or even 30 years of slavery. Also, these are incomes above those of non-graduates and ones that must have been incredibly averaged, as I don’t know that many lawyers that would...
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The “Economic Miracle” of Christmas?

Everyone receives Xmas promotional brochures from chain stores, local shops, big retail units, filled with hundreds of "unique" and "one-time"offers without which a citizen od the developed world "cannot live without". We are indictrinated to buy these products for ourselves, kids, family and friends, as if Xmas was measured through the value (not usefulness) of a particular paper-wrapped box. As...
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