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Poisoned postgraduate market

The postgraduate market in Poland is broken, badly. The HE Law allows institutions that possess BA rights to develop and sell programmes below Masters level: the post-graduate 180-hour long programme, after which graduates receive a diploma of completion (PgDip). Interestingly for UK readers, there is no division into certificates and diplomas. Schools are expected (and allowed and checked) to...
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2011 Polish HE law: an analysis (1)

October 1st 2011 saw the implementation of a modified Polish HE Law, set to define Polish higher education for the foreseeable future. It underwent a series of public and industry consultations, sparked a few major battles between proponents of various ideologies and solutions. And... it wound up with not that many changes, ignoring the dire state of Polish higher education, students,...
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Best and worst-paying degrees

Yahoo had posted recently an interesting article about “best and worst-paying college degrees”. Of course, the numbers given were over a period of one’s entire career, so the big (cough) sums must be divided by 25 or even 30 years of slavery. Also, these are incomes above those of non-graduates and ones that must have been incredibly averaged, as I don’t know that many lawyers that would...
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