Cooperation offer: teaching by MD

Offer for universities seeking a lecturer (teaching in English only):

1. Management subjects:
– undergraduate “Fundamentals of Organisation” (intro to organisation studies);
– undergraduate “Fundamentals of Management”;
– undergraduate “International Management”;
– undergraduate “Organisational Behaviour”;
– undergraduate “Change Management”;
– masters “Strategic Information Systems” (e.g. role of information/IP in business);

2. Economics subjects:
– undergraduate “Microeconomics” (I favour the Sloman “Economics” textbook);
– undergraduate “Macroeconomics” (I favour the Sloman “Economics” textbook”);
– undergraduate “Economic Psychology” (e.g. psychological development of human as an economic being);
– undergraduate “International Economics” (e.g. globalisation, int. trade theories, int. institutions);
– masters “Economics of High Technology” (e.g. economics of technological progress and business);
– masters “Applied International Economics” (e.g. in-depth analysis of global economic processes, with a focus on case-study approach);

3. Business subjects:
– undergraduate “Culture in Business” (e.g. cultural institutions and business practice);
– undergraduate/masters “Business Ethics / Ethics of Business and Technology” (e.g. ethics of business conduct, systemic development and technological development);
– undergraduate/Masters “International Business”;
– undergraduate “Organisation of Business”;

4. MBA subjects:
– “Business Ethics” (practical applications of ethical issues in business);
– “Organisational Behaviour”;
– “Modern Management Practicum”;

Benefits to customer:
– knowledge of academic systems (EU, UK, USA, East European, post-soviet) and ability to modify subject content and type of delivery to match local needs;
– extensive international experience and ability to frame theory in practical terms of current global economics and business;
– UK English;
– use of Moodle online teaching platform, assuring constant “study and performance pressure” on students (I have the platform installed here, on this website);
– provision of extensive supporting materials to students (each lecture with multiple html pages, pdf files, articles, etc.) developed over my career and continuously updated;
– student-oriented approach (emphasis on in-class activity, interactive teaching/grading, focus on student);
– tough, demanding (but impartial) assessment and grading;

Possible cooperation/contracting:
– per-subject “visiting lecturer” contracts;
– longer-term contracts (per academic year, etc.);

Interested institutions please contact me