Completed projects / ukończone projekty: double-degree Bakalar + BA in Int. Management

THE FIRST double-degree in English in Ukraine, developed for the top private university.
(C)MD 2010

A fascinating experience of integrating two completely different academic cultures and building a unique degree offering that will distance any competition.
Overall design:
– 4-year Ukrainian Bakalar in International Economics;
integrated with
– 3-year UK Baccalaureate in International Management;
Competitive advantages:
– Accessible to Ukrainian students without leaving their home country;
– Obtaining two degree at same time;
– Lower costs than attending UK degrees;
– Easier access to Masters-level programmes in Europe with UK undergraduate degree.
Key issues:
1. Integrating two distinct programme types: pre-existing Ukrainian International Economics degree had to be redesigned to “fit” into a UK-acceptable “International Manageemtn” degree structure.
2. Mapping of subjects:
– Out of 4 Ukrainian academic years, the later 3 were selected;
– The first Ukrainian year was not validated by the UK partner;
– Ukrainian year 2 was approved as “year 1” of UK degree (level 4), Ukrainian year 3 became “year 2” (level 5) and Ukrainian year 4 became UK “year 3” (level 6);
3. Ukrainian grading system was redesigned to incorporate UK requirements on progression of assessment in tune with UK levels.
4. Cultural change: modifying the attitudes of Ukrainian professors to teaching in English (and according to UK standards).
5. Concurrent administration within/under two institutional frameworks:
– Fulfilment of Ukrainian regulations, including core subjects;
– Fulfilment of UK regulations, esp. level progression, retakes;
6. Quality assurance according to UK standards.
7. Future challenges:
– Reporting and recording of subject completion;
– Dealing with diverse interpretations of subject failure (different grading scales, etc);