Completed projects / ukończone projekty: Double-degree MA+MBA programme

This is a supremely creative project (applause to myself). Nothing like this existed at the time in Central and Eastern Europe.
(C) MD 2009

Double-degree MA+MBA programme
Overall design:
1. Existing Polish Masters in Management degree
combine with
2. Western MBA degree
all within:
– A single location;
– One period of study;
– One tuition.
Initial idea (1st half 2009) was to integrate Polish and American degrees, but later (2nd half of 2009) a Polish+British option was chosen as preferred due to the flexibility of the British partner university, which accepted modifications of the MBA degree design (to avoid duplications and optimise knowledge passing) rather than demanding strict degree transplantation to Poland (that was demanded by the Americans).
Competitive advantages:
1. Saving: time. 2 years instead of 2+2 for Masters and MBA separately.
2. Saving: tuition. One payment, although larger that “just” Masters, but much smaller than separate MA and MBA fees (actually lower than “just” MBA degree fee as well).
3. Integration of theoretical (Masters-type) and practical (MBA-type) knowledge.
Key issues:
1. Utilisation of “specialisation” subjects in Polish masters degree structure (10+ subjects contributing to a specialisation alongside the core management modules) to fit in the MBA courses.
2. Integration of diverse courses with different approaches.
3. Integration of diverse grading systems.
4. Integration of different assessment approaches (and student, subject, teacher monitoring).
5. Concurrent administration within/under two institutional frameworks.
6. Day-to-day challenges:
– Reporting and recording of subject completion;
– Dealing with diverse interpretations of subject failure (different grading scales, etc);
– Dissertation completion (should be: one dissertation is used to complete both degrees).
Overall: the coolest project I’ve developed and the most competitiveness-enhancing.

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