Completed projects / ukończone projekty: Triple-degree undergraduate programme

NOTE: This idea requires some unique skills in terms of degree management, ability to integrate diverse standards, seek subject-to-subject compatibility. I have developed such solutions with TWO different Ukrainian universities.
Triple-degree undergraduate programme (2+2)
Overall design:
1. Existing Polish-American undergraduate degree (3 years).
combine with
2. Ukrainian undergraduate degree (4 years).
so that students
– Spend their first 2 years at Ukrainian partner;
– Move to Poland for their final 2 years of study;
– Do not stop being registered as students in Ukraine.
Since Polish/US degree lasts 3 years and Ukrainian 4, the conversion process is:
– First 2 years in Ukraine are counted fully towards the Ukrainian degree;
– Those 2 years are counted towards the first year of the Polish degree (selective transfer of most-similar subjects to Poland);
– Year 2 and 3 from the Polish/US degree is accepted as year 3 and 4 in Ukraine.
Benefits to student:
– Continued registration at Ukrainian university (access to scholarships, justification of non-drafting into army for men, etc);
– Transfer to EU/Schengen nation;
– Study in fully-English university environment;
– THREE degrees:
1. Ukrainian “Baccalaureate in Economics/management” (depending on initial degree from which transfer occurs);
2. Polish “Licencjat in Management”;
3. American “BA in Business Administration” (awarded on the basis of separate Polish-US agreement, and independent of any Polish-Ukrainian arrangements);
Key issues:
1. Integration of three degree structures, each one with differences in:
– Subject numbers;
– Hourly loads;
– Credit systems;
– Subject content and learning outcomes;
2. Integration (or removal of obstacles) resulting form three different academic systems.
3. Dealing with three separate control environments (supervising bodies, quality assurance institutions, etc).
4. Integrating institutional cultures in terms of:
– Expectations from the degree;
– Benefits to students;
– Common challenges;
– Overcoming “unmovable” differences;
5. Arranging command&control systems to assure all organisations that their expectations and standards are being met.
6. Day-to-day challenges:
– Reporting and recording of subject completion;
– Dealing with diverse interpretations of subject failure (different grading scales, etc);
– Dissertation completion (should be: one dissertation is used to complete all three degrees).
Overall: my craziest workable project to date 🙂

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