Cooperation offer: consulting by MD

Offer for universities seeking consultancy assistance:

1. Development of degrees in English.
– design of new local degrees to match UK/US standards;
– modification of existing local degrees to match UK/US standards;
– integration of local requirements (e.g. local ministerial requirements on the awarding of specific degrees) with international standards and processes;
– implementation of degrees, with focus on top-quality delivery, in terms of staffing, language levels, grading, etc.;
– ongoing management of degrees, with focus on student experience and language quality of instruction and assessment;

2. Establishing and management of departments dedicated to teaching in English.
– design and implementation of structures dedicated to optimising teaching in English (Faculties, Departments, separate organisational units);
– development of processes for HRM, QA focused on English-lingual education;
– development of staff development policies;
– integration of Western standards within institutional setting;

3. Establishing and management of international student recruitment.
– analysis of recruitment needs, oportunitis, challenges;
– development of recruitment systems aimed at internaitonal students: commercial (fee-paying) and non-commercial (exchange);
– magagement of recruitment systems (standalone recruitment offices, etc);
– development of supporting systems (international student office, etc);

4. Developing joint programmes.
– development of contacts for institutions seeking international degree partners;
– programme analysis and integration;
– analysis of legal frameworks for both partners;
– support in negotiations and contract development;
– development of documentation, systems, processes;
– support in staffing;
– continued support during early life-cycle;

Benefits to the customer:
– knowledge of academic systems (EU, UK, USA, East European) and ability to modify degree design to match local needs);
– experience in developing and managing English-lingual programmes;
– experience in interacting with foreign university that awards second degree;
– experience of developing multiple-degree programmes (e.g. complex degrees requiring more than two partners);
– creativeness in programme development (ability to find unique solutions that combine local and foreign-partner needs/capabilities);
– ability to develop unique solutions (that assure market competitive advantage unbeatable by local/regional competitors);
– understanding of the importance that teaching quality has on assuring sizeable recruitment numbers and top achievement;
– understanding of international recruitment processes (institutions, challenges, opportunities);

Possible cooperation/contracting:
– per-project consultancy fee;
– longer-term contracts (for longer-term management of a project, or multiple projects at same institution, etc.);

Interested institutions please contact me

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