Cooperation offer: Gaining validations from UK universities

Consultancy offer for universities and colleges seeking validation of degrees.
Validation is a process whereby the UK University recognises the quality and standards of programmes delivered and designed by an approved institution as equivalent to its own.
The term is used to define:
– the sole/specific form of collaborative delivery;
– various collaborative delivery models (a generic term) that include “validation” itself alongside franchising, double-degrees, articulation, joint-programes;
An international higher education institution, seeking to improve its competitiveness in the local and international markets, might consider gaining British degree rights by partnering with a UK university, which, once the procedure is completed, will award students completing the partner’s programmes, its degree.
As a result:
– institutions possessing their own degree rights, will thus have a two-degree programme, where students, without leaving the campus, will complete one programme for two qualifications;
– institutions not possessing their own degree rights, can change their competitive standing by running programmes ending with a degree from a UK university;
Validation can cover:
– undergraduate degrees;
– postgraduate degrees (Masters);
– MBA;
that must be taught in English.
The validation process:
– is time consuming (6 months – 1 year);
– has specific costs that differ depending on the UK university approached;
– requires extensive knowledge of UK higher education systems;
– requires in-depth understanding of validation intricacies;
– calls for the ability to integrate diverse academic systems in a way to assure the UK partner that the programme will be operated in accordance with UK systems;
For an example, go here.
– consultancy contract with a fee for successful validation of each degree;
– travel costs refunded;
– possible continuation of consultancy in first year of operations, to assure that partner institution’ systems are properly adapted and prepared for operating the UK degree;
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