Charlie Hebdo massacre

Watching the 2 days of terrorist activity in Paris, which included the massacre of Charlie Hebdo journalists, simple conclusions come to mind.
1. Anyone enjoying history will look towards the British “rivers of blood” speech from 1968 by Enoch Powell, warning (already then!) of racial conflict coming to the UK (and we can extrapolate that to Europe as well).
2. It is clear that Europe’s post-colonial guilt must end – whatever happened prior to WW2 must not be the cause of European weakness. Europe is a strong and powerful and united continent, which must not fall prey to a few extremist immigrants, denied a normal life while provided with AK47s.
3. Until yesterday, the idea of waterboarding was loath. Today, we should hook-up all these combatants to a water hose and see if they should breathe underwater. Normal ethical and legal standards are now out of the window – an AK47 in a magazine editorial office voids your rights to: lawyer, food, jail cell and right to breathe. What you get is water into your nose and throat. Dick Cheney and Joe Biden are right.
4. Multiculturalism and multi-religionalism does NOT work. Tony Blair’s MultiCulti is useless! If you come to a country you have to follow the rules of that country. If not – go home. If “back home” they shoot you, torture you, poison you or mind-wash you – that is your bad luck. Should have been nice while living in OUR countries.
5. It is clear that negotiations do not work. What works? We have two major examples: US SOCOM and their drone programme + Israeli approach to internal terrorism (you blow yourself up, we blow up your house and your remaining family).

We are coming close to the 100Th birthday of European right-wing extremism emergence. People only learn from painful mistakes. So, remembering WW2 is not the same as experiencing it. Such actions as the Charlie Hebdo massacre and all that bullshit Islamic terrorism will lead to two possible outcomes:
– Massacres and resulting emigration back home (a crazy African with an AK back home is less lethal than an European SWAT officer with an G-36K and laser sights and state-justified anger or a lynch mob with molotovs);
– Full integration of immigrants, regardless of their religion, language, homeland (what the Germans are trying with forceful German classes, etc);
Immigrants having any other idea? Welcome to a counter-terrorist hell. Europe is our territory. Not yours. We have been around for several thousand years. You “culture” or “country” has not. You want freedom? Return home.

All of you, thinking that you are “freedom fighters”:
– You cannot escape a drone;
– Your Hotmail email is monitored;
– Your Swiss accounts are known as are those in the Caymans;
– Your satellite phone is monitored (remember the Chechen leader who left his bunker to make a phonecall and got a radio-guided missile in his face?);
– You hiding in the Facebook crowd is NOT hiding (big data is watching you, listening to you);
– Your emigration is a mistake as is that of your family or agents;
I keep hearing about the impact (shock&awe) that these terrorists can cause by creating tragic events on the streets of Europe. The understanding of modern societies by primitives with a suicide vest is incorrect/inadequate. You think that societies are the governments. WRONG! Scaring some fat/lazy unemployed girls with six kids is not the same as affecting our powerful and competent security services and pissing-off our politicians. Those girls you scare are the same as the impotent boys you recruit to your “cause” to fight or blow themselves up (Freudian orgasm as semtex-based self-explosion?). Sexual frustration always loses with a drone-carried Hellfire missile fired into your window or into your car. YOU LOSE.

I used to think and teach about “just war theory” and all its related concepts. Your AK47s and semtex IEDs have automatically voided any ethical approach. You, by massacring Westerners, have asked the West to remove all and any ethical boundaries. Your 15th century culture and Kalashinkov-technology MUST LOSE, when confronted by Western saelltites, software, knowledge, technology and attitudes towards you. GPS has no space for your “religious motivation”. All the West has is hellfire for you.

Western culture are the future. Your hatred is a sign of the pathetic past. And there, in the past, you will be buried. All of you, past-obssessed radicals. If you think there is hope for your stupid ideas of murdering your amused critics, always remember: Western satellites, Western technology, Western weapons, special forces, Western economy, beliefs, survival, Western strengths. West WILL win. You have to lose. Your time is back in the 15th century – if you will not go back, Europeans will send you back. You or your corpse.

It will be fascinating to watch the gradual evolution of European attitudes in the coming years.