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Punishing Putin’s Russia – the current oil crisis

I like some weird theories that highlight the roots of the current global crisis. First, the current problems started with the resurgence of the American New Right (Project for New American Century a.k.a. the NeoCons), with their desire of returning US to global dominance and the understanding that it must be achieved through the control of global oil and direct American military involvement....
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Smolensk aircrash – Realpolitik

Second blog post in a row, but the stuff is getting annoying: Smolensk seems to be at the top of everyone’s agenda, with Poles discussing landing trajectories, approach protocols and becoming speedily acquainted with the inner workings of the Severnyj airport. Then, the “evil Russians” do their news conference and present their findings in which they show complete incompetence of Polish...
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Smolensk aircrash – financial angle?

Poles have become used to elites abusing their positions, even when „democratically” elected and (In theory) responsible to the electorate. Every group we’ve voted in started by raising their own wages and telling the rest of the country to “tighten our belts” and suffer through harsh times (there’s always a tragedy or drama or crisis). They fear no judgement nor court nor call for...
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