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The future of ISIS (short and bloody)

France’s response to the Paris massacre should be defined as lukewarm at best. Several fighter-bombers dropped some ordnance on a few locations, where the ISIS idiots have been sheltering. France is now placing a lot of importance on “returning to life as usual” as a major form of resisting ISIS. Is this because the Christmas shopping period is coming up? Where is the big punch, the...
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Charlie Hebdo massacre

Watching the 2 days of terrorist activity in Paris, which included the massacre of Charlie Hebdo journalists, simple conclusions come to mind. 1. Anyone enjoying history will look towards the British “rivers of blood” speech from 1968 by Enoch Powell, warning (already then!) of racial conflict coming to the UK (and we can extrapolate that to Europe as well). 2. It is clear that Europe’s...
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Whaling piracy vs terrorism

Sea Shepherd won with the Japanese last week, as the Japanese declared they will withdraw their whaling fleet as the anti-whaling protester ship threatened the safety of Japanese whalers. So, Discovery channel can now advertise a success of its TV show with a leading G8 nation, and the crazy mavericks on board the Sea Shepherd can party till they vomit, happy with the lives of whales they saved....
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