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Monsters – Dark Continent

I watched the first movie unknowingly – saw some trailer, blab la bla. And, all of a sudden, I found myself transported into a weird Earth world, where we cannot control part of the planet, because it is ruled (dominated) by massive aliens brought Earthside by a space probe that crashed (Earthside, DOH!). The first movie, low-budget, low-effort was a masterpiece showing the new World, the...
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Taking Chance

Combine Kevin Bacon with an amazing storyline based on an acclaimed short story based deep in real life and you have yourself a tearjerker. This is a movie that will make women cry and men, real men, either cry (secretly) or wipe their eyes claiming "allergies". During this movie, I have MANY allergies. This is not a movie about love. Not clear love. It is a movie about death, death in combat,...
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